What it Means to Be Green in the Corporate World

Green Living Guy

The term “going green” can have different meanings depending on the situation. In the corporate world, going green is an involved process, requiring time, money, and research to determine the many factors that are involved. If donations are to be made, who should they go to? What should be donated? If changes are made in buildings, what should they be? When green initiatives are taken with a scope as large as an entire company, the process can be lengthy and detailed. Luckily, several non-governmental organizations (NGOs), mostly nonprofit businesses, have popped up to offer their services to large companies looking to decrease their carbon footprints. Here is a list of ways these companies are helping corporate giants reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Eliminaterecycling Waste

Businesses throw away thousands of pounds of used products each year, whether outdated office equipment, imperfect goods, or old kitchen appliances. Some non-profits offer to come…

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