PR Tactics within the Fashion World

Jour à Nuit

So, this post may be a little bit different than what we usually publish on Jour à Nuit, but I feel like every now and then, change is necessary to spice things up!

I am a public relations major back at Penn State, so obviously everything that revolves around publicity, advertising, or marketing gives me that inevitable spark of excitement.  Now that I have been in Paris observing fashion trends and advertisements for over two months, what is better than combining my love of PR with my love for fashion and analyzing these specific tactics which make Paris the most trendy place in the world?


I have noticed that all of the luxury fashion brands have developed their own image in the eyes of the customer.  For example, Chanel makes it well-known that the brand’s style is classic yet with a chic hint of masculinity.  Dior’s signature is large…

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