B West London

BWESTLONDON meets with fashion duo Anna Seven. Forget the Oslen twins, Susanna and Joanna are on a mission to become the new dominant fashion twosome. Like Mary-Kate and Ashley, Anna Seven have a clothing line called Anna Seven London which became popular due to Instagram and social media. With Instagrammers like theslumflower, natalygoncalves and thegirlrisa wearing their line.

The 19 year old fashion designers, created their London based business just 2 years ago. The pair started off by customising denim goods for their family and friends and marketing it in family gatherings and small events.

Anna Seven London clothing line is full of funky, unique and quirky slogan T- shirts and sweaters which have a meaningful message behind them. “Thou Shalt Change The Game” is one of the most popular printed items in the range. Susanna said: “It’s a declaration to say I’m not going to live up to…

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