The Keystone XL Pipeline: Environment before Economy

UHS Sword & Shield

Map shows the original extent of the pipeline in addition to the proposed expansion (Los Angeles Times/MCT 2011).

Staff Writer

It is time for our generation to realize that the most pressing issue of our generation is the one that we all tend to ignore the most. Gun control, marriage equality and marijuana legalization are all very important progressive issues, but none of these will have any effect if Earth is not habitable. Without a doubt, the greatest hardship and the most important issue for our generation to tackle is climate change.

World temperatures are rising at unprecedented rates. According to the Huffington Post, scientists are predicting sea levels to rise to a point by 2050 that may inundate parts of Miami, let alone Venice. There will be no “taking my talents to South Beach” just by the time that we will be in our early…

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