Meet Spring, a Mobile Shopping App You’ll Actually Use


Attention shoppers: There’s a new app launching today that has serious potential to change the way you buy. It’s called Spring, and it seamlessly fuses social media with mobile shopping—and it’s poised to revolutionize the way we interact with designer brands.

Imagine: Stacey Bendet snaps a picture of a skirt she just designed, or Jennifer Fisher posts a photo of a bracelet that she’s wearing, and you’re able to purchase it right then and there—no need to run to a store, look up a website, or wonder if the product is even available to buy. The onboarding process is easy—almost too easy for those with a shopping habit.

Here’s how the app works: You sign in through Facebook, update your profile with a credit card and shipping information, and start following the brands you like. From there, they’ll appear in one feed where you’ll find brand-generated images (a lot like, say, following…

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