Entry 21: Tibak — Confessions of a College Activist


“Don’t be an activist.”

My mom gave me this reminder me when I passed the UPCAT. I was finally going to be an Iska (Iskolar ng Bayan). Of course I said yes like an obedient daughter. What did I know?

But well, I immediately got involved in activities that brought me to the path of a true blue “tibak.”

Or shall I say, true red.

Little Red Riding Tibak Little Red Riding Tibak

I joined rallies, went room to room discussing pressing issues that befell the country, and talked to one organization after the other explaining our cause.

I’d stay up late for meetings and wake up early for other organizational tasks. I’d speak in front of large crowds (with or without a microphone or megaphone). I’d deliver impromptu speeches in classrooms, lobbies, and parking lots.

But it was not these activities that made it difficult to be a tibak. It was the fact that people always…

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