I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening? “Plastics.”

the diligent dilettante

June 8, 2014: World Oceans Day

The Dilettante is at the beach this week—and in the first day of relaxing at the shore, picked up three bags of trash from less than one mile of beach—all of it some form of plastic. This is in a state park, BTW.

Some of it was old and degraded and trapped amongst the reeds and shells that collect at the high point of tide. So basically it was regurgitated by the ocean. Ocean, who can blame you.

Other treasures were left behind by children as parents packed up their elaborate encampment after a long day of sun and surf—shovels and fish-shaped sand molds shoved a little too enthusiastically down in the sand to be noticed at the harried time of departure. Understandable.

The rest was fairly fresh and unfaded trash—perhaps accidentally left behind or swept away by the breeze as beachgoers napped in…

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