Changing the Foundation

Kristen Whitney Daniels

I recently found this on Pinterest:

Nobody tells you
it’s okay to call yourself beautiful
it’s okay to smile at mirrors
and it’s perfectly fine
to say your own eyes are pretty

it is wonderful to love your own waist
and your legs
regardless of their size
and you are not conceited
if you use your fingers to list
everything you’re good at
rather than point
at all your own flaws

you can acknowledge you’re smart
and that you’ll go places
and you will be someone
greater than your mistakes

you can’t always expect
other people to believe in yourself
for you

Every day is a constant battle for all human beings, and women in particular. You don’t need me to tell you that we are inundated by media, by each other, by ourselves with negative criticism about our weight, our looks, our confidence, our uniqueness. But what totally perplexes me is 

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