Existentialism and Fashion in Pakistan

Haseeb Sultan

Lately I have been too obsessed with existentialism. I am learning that all I have learnt, and all my beliefs have a single word to explain it all, and that word is Existentialism. Well, I’m not gonna delve into the feelings I’m evoking in myself when I learn more and more about it, but since I tend to think a lot about fashion, i was left wondering where do we get existentialism in Pakistani fashion? Does one even need to think about fashion from this point of view, specially in a country where fashion came to the news front only a few years ago?

Yes, we do need to think about existentialism in fashion. A brand or a designer or a label is known for their aesthetics, their beliefs; their signature in short, conforms to their existentialist beliefs, whether they see it or not. There is something in the soul…

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