Designer Makin Ma takes couture in a fresh direction

Pav Writes

1ac06c1feff72b01b5a40ac04c5107a3 MAKIN MA DOESN’T consider himself a fashion designer. Despite the fact that his eponymous collections are stocked in Europe and Asia, Hong Kong-born Ma still doesn’t think of himself as part of the fashion world. In fact, he says he’s a filmmaker. His autumn-winter 2013 line may be premiering in stores, not cinemas, but his collections are actually a testament to his love of movies, and his unusual methodology mirrors the film medium’s creative approach, he says. “I build collections based on characters. I spend time developing each character, their personality, the way they think, the music they listen to,” he says. “I imagine their whole life, and then I imagine what kind of clothes they’d want to wear. I want to make films, so in my head I’m growing as a filmmaker by creating these characters.” His latest collection is based on two characters, a boy and a girl, each…

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