Little Known Black History Fact: Maj. Shawna Kimbrell

Black America Web

Maj. Shawna Rochelle Kimbrel l is the United States Air Force’s first Black fighter pilot, realizing a dream she’s been focused on since she was a little girl. Major Kimbrell knew when she was in the fourth grade that she wanted to be amongst the world’s most elite fighters initially considering becoming an astronaut, but then concluding that a fighter jet would be more her speed.

Major Kimbrell was born April 20th, 1976 to Guyanese parents that came to the United States to pursue education and greater opportunity. Her father excelled at Howard University and later earned a doctorate at Purdue University. That same drive was instilled into Major Kimbrell and her three older siblings.

Growing up in the small town of Parker, Colorado, Kimbrell said people tried to tell her she’d never make it as a fighter pilot, but she was far too determined to listen. In Kimbrell graduated…

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