Eco fashion becomes trendy!

Anubhav Sharma's

I remember watching a documentary on Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue America, who is considered as one of the most powerful personalities in the global fashion industry. She is often criticized for using fur, which is a vital element in fashion. Criticism for using animal-based apparel is quite common in the fashion world. However, things have changed a lot over the last decade.

There are many fashion houses that have started using eco-friendly materials to produce their garments. Surprisingly, these products have gained popularity among the masses due to its sheer quality of being eco-friendly. Personally, I am fond of eco-friendly products. They not only look good but also are easy to handle. There is no special instruction for using them and can be easily managed; unlike products from other synthetic raw materials that need special attention.

Eco fashion Fabindia women

Green products have gained momentum. With technology, a lot of eco fashion…

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