Creating a community orchard with Revive compost

Recycle for Greater Manchester

Our campaign officer, Phillippa is a dedicated ‘allotmenteer ‘ and has been using Revive compost on a community orchard and fruit garden at Albemarle allotments.

allot path Albemarle Allotments

I have had allotments in various cities for many years and for the last 8 years, a plot at Albemarle allotments in south Manchester.  Albemarle is a hidden gem, squeezed between the new metro line and the Old Moat estate, where there are approximately 100 plots and over 100 members.

Composting on site

A fundamental part of having an allotment is composting! You just have to do it, if only to keep your weeds in check.  All plot holders are encouraged to compost on their plot and we even have a communal composting bay that provides free compost for all to use. If you decide to use the communal compost, there tends to be a lot of perennial weed seeds and roots so ideally it needs to be sieved before use. The communal compost was used on…

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