College Activism

Syrian in the Diaspora

College activism is probably the safest and most sheltered type of activism. You get the time to think, to learn, to grow, but at the same time college students can have the largest impact.

There are a few great things about college activism:

The university campus is a sacred place, very privileged. And when those privileged university grounds shake, the effects can be heard internationally. By being university students, especially at a prestigious university, you are automatically categorized as the “good kids,” “smart,” those that have a “future ahead of them.” All of these characteristics amplify the activist voice on the university campuses, giving young people credibility, enough to instigate change. Instigate change, believe you can instigate the change.

 At the same time, this is where you learn the most. Receiving knowledge that you never knew existed, doors opening in all directions. The crazy part is, the real learning is…

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