Message For The Day…” The One Who transforms Mind, Attains Divinity…”

Take off with Natarajan

People practice various forms of worship and rituals following their family tradition and culture. However they do not transform even a bit in spite of months and years of spiritual practice. Frustrated, they change the Name they are chanting, because they are tired of waiting for results. At times, people change not just the Name they chant, but also their religion. Know clearly that you cannot attain God’s Grace by changing the Name you chant or the religion. You must transform yourself. The dog in the home always recognizes its Master, no matter whether he or she wears a jogging dress, office uniform or party attire. It has no doubt about its Master, despite the dress worn. So too, you cannot convince God by merely changing your external appearance. You have to acquire virtues and conduct yourself righteously. Only the one who transforms the mind pleases the Lord and attains…

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