Aerial Kyoto and an Inherited Love

The Victory Roll


Grandpa’s hotel in Kyoto, Japan 1945

My grandfather was stationed in Kyoto during WW2 and because of his background in athletics he was charged with building parks and recreation areas for Japanese children.  I was always proud of him for that because he got to do something nice during the war and he always enjoyed drawing up plans for various sports complexes (he even did that in his spare time as a hobby).


Grandpa on the far left smiling while showing his park plans to his superiors



Aerial location scouting and preliminary layout of sports area


Hotel interior and exterior


Grandpa and his truck.  The stickers on the hood say “Butch” and “Marie”; Marie was for my Nana and Butch is actually my great grandmother Donatella’s nickname since she was known for not taking crap from anyone!

Grandpa really loved Japan and when he came home my Nana was given…

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