A DEBATE IN ANIMAL ADVOCACY: To be or not to be an abolitionist?


My journey to becoming an animal activist started from a gut feeling that the way humans treated nonhuman animals was immoral and unacceptable.
I was brought up in a home where consuming animal products, visiting zoos and circuses, riding elephants and having birds in cages was “normal”. Then I woke up.
Through exposure to a range of issues, I decided to give up my clinical psychologist practice and dedicate myself  to nonhuman animal advocacy.
When I embarked on this journey I naively thought that the common goal of improving the world for all sentient beings would bind people and make them tolerant of each other.
Well I was wrong. I have found the world of animal activism to be fractured, often with people on their own power trips. People have shown the petty side of human nature through being judgemental and jealous of others.
This, however, will not deter me.

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