Thinking about Fashion Revolution Day

Sylvia Hui

Last year, in the days immediately following news of the Bangladesh factory collapse tragedy, a BBC crew went out to a Primark branch to gauge whether the disaster made shoppers pause to reconsider where they go to buy the latest in trendy clothing. Even then, with the tragedy still so fresh, the response was lukewarm. Yes, most people agreed that large Western-based clothing chains must have responsibility in ensuring workers’ safety. But ultimately, many shoppers still want to get the most bang for their buck – indeed prioritising low prices over quality or anything else – and they’re not going to stop shopping at Primark any time soon. I say this without judgment, because I too am guilty of often falling for the same temptation.

A year on, some in the fashion industry are marking the anniversary with what they call Fashion Revolution Day. It’s part of a larger campaign…

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